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Abduct An Alien

February 14, 2006 on 7:21 am | In Mystery | No Comments | Send 2 Friend |

MysteryWe have three-hundred aliens available for you to abduct. We guarantee that each abduction will have a gift attached to it. Once we randomly select an alien(s) to abduct for you one of these five icons will be revealed. We are not allowed to disclose the exact amounts of each gift.
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Tattoo My Ankles

February 14, 2006 on 7:21 am | In Human | 2 Comments | Send 2 Friend |

TATTOOThat’s right a permanent tattoo for my ankle(s) with your company logo or name. Just imagine I will have your company on my body until the day I die. I’m only twenty years old and still have sixty plus years left in my life. Please note that I wear shorts and sandals 24/7.
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Water Under The Bridge

February 14, 2006 on 7:21 am | In Misc | 1 Comment | Send 2 Friend |

WaterHave you ever heard someone say “that’s water under the bridge”? Well Here it is one hundred percent water under the bridge. The winner of this auction will receive the following: A nice picture of this bridge and A vial of water taken from under this bridge.
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Rick James’ Jumpsuit

February 14, 2006 on 7:21 am | In Clothes & Apparel | No Comments | Send 2 Friend |

RICKImagine if this jumpsuit could talk. Here’s how I obtained the jumpsuit. I bought this on ebay from a gentleman from Rick’s hometown Buffalo,NY about six months after his death. After the purchase I was emailed by numerous Rock and Roll hall of fames wanting this Jumpsuit.
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Buy My Cherry

February 14, 2006 on 7:20 am | In Misc | No Comments | Send 2 Friend |

BUYThis is something juicy and sweet. To own this item would be such a treat. With the slightest nibble its juices will flow but you must savor the taste nice and slow. Are you excited as you think about it? Then for the last part you must sit. You see the cherry is actually from Fannie May.
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My Ass For Sale

February 14, 2006 on 7:20 am | In Misc | 6 Comments | Send 2 Friend |

MYBy now you have got to wonder how much can an ass on ebay be worth. Well we think priceless of course.Is this not a nice looking ass or what. We know a smart ass too but a really cool ass. We will be updating with photos of our ass on vacation. We love to talk about it.
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Bogart Needs Some Help

February 14, 2006 on 7:20 am | In Ebegging | 2 Comments | Send 2 Friend |

OurBogart is a loving gentle giant. He is a English Mastiff that protects our kids and gives unconditional love.We left to the store and when we got back he was limping, walking on his remaining three legs. Thinking he probably had slept on his leg wrong we figured we’d let him walk it off.
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